Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo
Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo
Ferrari has once again attacked the FIA and outgoing president Max Mosley in a column on its website.

The piece attacks the FIA's policy of encouraging new teams into the sport, following the struggles of Campos Meta and US F1 to make the starting grid in Bahrain on March 14. It also refers to hopeful entrants Stefan GP as 'Serbian vultures', who 'picked the bones of Toyota on its death bed'.

It criticises Mosley, saying the situation 'is the legacy of the holy war waged by the former FIA president'. "The cause in question was to allow smaller teams to get into Formula 1". The piece mentions the loss of BMW and Toyota, and the change of ownership at Renault.

I still struggle to understand the logic of Ferrari blaming Mosley for the departure of manufacturers, who cited the economic downturn for their withdrawal. Mosley tried to limit the damage done by the financial crisis by proposing a budget cap. Whether this was introduced in the correct manner or not is another matter.

The reason BMW and Toyota left was because Formula 1 was too expensive for them. New teams were invited to cushion the blow of manufacturers leaving, to ensure that grids kept their depth. Mosley tried to stop manufacturers leaving, but the team's association ignored his efforts, which led to the exit of BMW and Toyota.

The struggles of Campos and US F1 do highlight flaws in the selection process of new teams that allowed them to gain an entry without the necessary funding in place.

This is not the first time Ferrari have criticised Mosley's actions over the past year. However, every time, they fail to explain what exactly he did wrong. I would love to see what Luca di Montezemolo would have done differently, and whether he would have been able to do the impossible task of keeping underperforming car manufacturers, both on track and in the road car market, in the sport.

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