The FIA published the final entry list for the 2010 season yesterday, with both failed entrant US F1 Team and aspiring team Stefan GP absent from the list, meaning neither will compete in 2010.

According to team boss Ken Anderson, US F1 was on schedule with the building of its car mid-January, when a sponsor failed with payment. They have applied with the FIA to have its entry deferred to 2011. Gaining an automatic entry for 2011 is an unlikely prospect having broken their promises that they would make it for 2010. They will apply for an entry for 2011, although thinking they will be accepted will be very optimistic, unless there is a major change in their entry.

Stefan had cars ready and would have been ready for Bahrain. However, the FIA was right not to let them race, having dismissed their entry back in June. Allowing them an entry at this late stage would set a nasty precedent, where aspiring teams would build cars and gather a team ready to race, despite not having been accepted an entry. They will no doubt enter for 2011, and will be ready to go with their cars needing only a few modifications. Provided they can secure a tyre supply in the meantime, they can go testing throughout 2010.

Anderson confirmed that US F1 were in talks with Stefan about trying to get to Bahrain. In the short term a merger between the two outfits, the team with an entry and the team with a car, would have been great for both parties, as it would have seen them on the grid, in whatever state, in Bahrain. There would have been conflicts in the future, for example when deciding where to build the 2011 car. Both have now been left without an entry, and in the case of US F1, it looks highly unlikely they will ever get one.

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